Manage Team and Client Communications In One Place | Qwil Messenger

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Added on May 11, 2023
Manage Team and Client Communications In One Place | Qwil Messenger

Imagine hitting up your client on Snapchat to ask about their marketing budget. Sounds weird, right? That's because Snapchat and other messaging platforms just aren't that secure. And let's be honest, you definitely did not read those terms and conditions before sending that NDA over. Your communications, both internally and externally, need to be safe from prying eyes. That's where Quill messenger comes in. Today we're looking at Quill Messenger, an ultra secure, all in one communication platform that lets internal and external users chat, share documents, request esignatures, and host video meetings.

Quill messenger lets you communicate with internal staff and external clients without switching between tons of single use apps. And it's all super secure and GDPR compliant. When you first log in, you'll see a sleek chat interface that you can customize with your branding. Quill is invite only, so only the right people can join the conversation. So whether you're sharing financial documents or cat memes, everything on Quill is confidential. With Quill, it's easy to get a party going.

Just create a group chat on mobile for any team members or clients, and continue the combo on desktop, where you can drag and drop important files directly into the chat box. Quill's Secure File Manager keeps your files in a secure vault that you can access anytime. When it comes to messaging, read receipts are always on, so you know who's being unresponsive. Like when I send a meme in the group chat and my friends suddenly don't have service. But what about video calls? You ask. Yeah, Quill does that too. And no more sending links over email. Everything's handled directly in the platform.

Once you have a video call going, you can start a text chat, create polls, and record everything to review later on. Okay, but what good is all this instant messaging if you can ever find what you need? That's where the data reviewer comes in. You'll be able to search through your chat histories by keywords and filter, by date, participant and sender. This powerful feature lets you pull up exactly what you need so you're not combing through every single conversation. There's also a broadcast feature that lets you send one way messages to everyone all at once. Now, don't go around taking advantage of that power, but definitely take advantage of today's lifetime deal. Just click the link below to start using Quill Messenger in your business.

Questions & answers

1. Why are Snapchat and other messaging platforms not secure for confidential communications?
Answer: Snapchat and other messaging platforms are not designed for secure communication and have weak encryption and security measures that make them vulnerable to hacking and surveillance.

2. Why is it important for communication to be safe from prying eyes both internally and externally?
Answer: Communication that's not secure can lead to sensitive information being exposed, which can have serious consequences for businesses and individuals. It's crucial to protect confidential communications both internally and externally.

3. What is Quill Messenger?
Answer: Quill Messenger is an all-in-one communication platform that offers ultra-secure messaging, document sharing, esignatures, video meetings, and more. It's designed to be suitable for both internal and external communication.

4. How does Quill Messenger help businesses communicate more efficiently?
Answer: Quill Messenger offers a customizable chat interface, easy group chat creation, mobile and desktop compatibility, secure file management, video call functionality, and the ability to handle links and files directly on the platform.

5. Is Quill Messenger GDPR compliant?
Answer: Yes, Quill Messenger is GDPR compliant and ensures that businesses can communicate securely without violating data privacy regulations.

6. How does Quill Messenger ensure confidentiality?
Answer: Quill Messenger is invite-only, meaning only authorized personnel have access to the platform. It also offers ultra-secure encryption and file management to ensure that confidential communication is protected.

7. What is the data reviewer feature on Quill Messenger?
Answer: The data reviewer feature on Quill Messenger allows users to search their chat histories by keywords and filter, making it easy to find specific information quickly and efficiently.

8. What is the broadcast feature on Quill Messenger?
Answer: The broadcast feature on Quill Messenger allows users to send one-way messages to everyone at once, making it easier to communicate important information to a large group quickly and efficiently.

9. What kind of businesses can benefit from using Quill Messenger?
Answer: Any business that needs to communicate securely, whether internally or externally, can benefit from using Quill Messenger. This includes small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations.